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The Compassionate 7

Defenders of the Magical Forest

A book that teaches us empathy, acceptance, mutual aid, and the value of individuality.

The Compassionate 7 -
Defenders of the Magical Forest

Opening the pages of ‘The Compassionate 7: Defenders of the Magical Forest’ immerses you and your children in an exciting world where the magic of kindness comes to life.

For parents, it’s a unique opportunity to connect with their children on a deeper level, sharing stories that teach compassion and understanding, wrapping young minds in warmth and wisdom.

For children, these pages are a window to a world where every difference is a strength, and every adventure is a life lesson, enhancing their imagination and emotional intelligence. Reading this book together is not just entertainment, but a journey into the heart of humanity, enriching both young and old.

"Every childish 'Why?' is an invitation to teach these little minds how to be compassionate.

- Why does the girl always carry a white stick?

- Why does that child act so strangely and doesn't want to play with others?

- Why can't that child get out of the wheelchair and play with us?

"Our job is not to harden children
so that they are ready for a cruel and heartless world.
Our job is to raise children
who will make this world a little better."

L.R. Knost

Let's make this world a better place together!

I'm impressed by how 'The Kind-Hearted 7' opens children's eyes to differences. My son is excited about every character and looks forward to reading together every night.

Ralica Ruseva

As a parent, I look for books that not only entertain but also educate. 'The Kind-Hearted 7' is just that - fun, educational, and motivating. I happily recommend it!

Rumjana Prodanova

I'm extremely satisfied with the book I purchased. The stories and activities are great for developing children's social and emotional skills.

Pamela Micheva

As a teacher, I see the immense value of 'The Kind-Hearted 7' in the classroom. It offers a unique approach to teaching children about diversity and acceptance.

Milka Babadzhanova

Incredibly exciting and inspiring! 'The Kind-Hearted 7' not only entertained my children but also taught them valuable life lessons. I warmly recommend it to all families.

Valentina Georgieva